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Report a Swarm or colony inhabitance


A combined 10 years of experience in beekeeping and a love of this wonderful hobby. We make it a point to understand every aspect of this art and how to better understand the honey bee.

Our Mission

The honey bee is responsible for 80 percent of plant pollination. Without them we would not have a lot of the food you love like fruits vegetables. They are extremely important to the environment.

Our Vision

To educate the population on the importance of the honey bee and the environment.

Our Services

  • Swarm Removals

    A clump of honey bees in places such as trees, tree branches and any structures. Bees that are swarming are in a transitional phase until they find a suitable place to build a new home. We'll catch the bees and relocate them to a new home.

  • Colony Extractions

    Honey bees are very indiscriminate of where they decide to build there home. They can easily decide occupy your business or home. They can inhabit anywhere that has a suitable entrance and wreak havoc in your walls.

  • Mentoring

    Already have a beehive colony of your own and need assistance? We can help you with your colony maintenance and honey production.

  • Beehive Installations

    Want to own your own beehive and help out the environment? Have no idea of how to get started? We'll help get you set up for a healthy colony and show you how to maintain the hive.

Report a Swarm or colony inhabitance